Technically this is find a $30!

Today's hunt is for two passes to Liberty Ridge Farm in Schaghticoke (Rensselaer County but just outside Stillwater New York)

These tickets are valued at $15 each and can be found with Keri here at Warner and Foley Insurance in West Sand Lake!

The first person to come in to claim them gets the tickets.

They close at 5 so if they aren't claimed, Keri gets to keep them!

Have fun, play fair, be safe.

Send us a picture when you get them!
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1 week ago


It's the 5th Annual FREE Money Day!

The idea behind "Free Money Day" is to give two bills or coins to a complete stranger with the request that they pass half on to someone else.

The first 20 people to send me an email (from their Paypal email address) with "FMD" in the subject line will have $2 sent to their Paypal account.

I can't police this but it would be nice if you passed one of the dollars on to someone else.

I'm intentionally NOT including my email in this's somewhere on this'll have to earn this $2! :)

Good luck!

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1 month ago

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Find A TwentyThe first 10 payments are out...10 more to go or 10PM...whichever comes first!1 month ago

Find A TwentyFirst two payments are out.1 month ago

Rachel DigmanGot it! Perfect day to, my husband is in the ER, I'm sure I can find someone who could use a dollar for a vending machine! Thank you!!1   ·  1 month ago

Sean McLaughlinI received mine. Thanks so much! This makes my day! :-) I'm going to pay it forward...1   ·  1 month ago

Larry WalleyGot my 2 bucks - will pass it along + $2 more to an unknowingly soul . . .1   ·  1 month ago

Laura FolosGot it! Perfect day for this too!1   ·  1 month ago

Paula MercierI got my $2, thanks!1   ·  1 month ago

Melissa DeVoeGot my $2! Thanks!1   ·  1 month ago

Susan Gibbs SweetGot it, Thank you!!1   ·  1 month ago

Marcy FilipelloThank you!1   ·  1 month ago

Judi BensonThank you! 💸1   ·  1 month ago

Jill Flintongot it! can't wait to pass it along!1   ·  1 month ago

Melissa DeVoeCool, thanks! Sent an email. We'll see.:)1 month ago

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And we have a winner!

Warren got the lead from his daughter!


Congratulations and thanks for playing!
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4 months ago

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Mary Margaret LangelierI wanna try4 months ago

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Good morning Saratoga County!

Today's $20 can be found in this library book!

This book is in only one Saratoga county library so it should be easy to figure out.

Good luck, be safe and send us a picture when you find it.

And of course, shhhhhh!
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4 months ago

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Amy Zurlo McGeadyAlready gone :(4 months ago

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Did you enter the NCAA Tournament Challenge?

We had a winner but it wasn't me.

There is no way for me to contact the winner inside the ESPN site so if it's you, send me a note and we'll get you your prizes.

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7 months ago

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Sean McLaughlinDo you have the winner's name?7 months ago

Lisa MilewskiI came in second :)7 months ago

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Holy cow! We have a winner.

Theresa was here within seconds!
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8 months ago

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Theresa DennisWay to go Theresa!! I was just sending Kevin over with Bobby! :)8 months ago

Dawn BentleyCongrats8 months ago

Paula MercierImpressive! Congrats!8 months ago

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OK Latham... Today's $20 can be found in a red themed office superstore.

Look in the card section and specifically in the woo hoo! cards.

Good luck, be safe and send us a picture when you find it.
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8 months ago




Today’s $20 is hidden in a greeting card at a large local retailer.

Look in the Thanks and Congratulations section of cards.

See that bulldog?

When left, the $20 was in the second card back.


UPDATE! Ayesha found todays $20



Today’s $20 was left at Price Chopper in Troy, NY.

I found a notebook exactly like the one in the Mechanicville Price Chopper last Sunday.

It was in the one with the Dog on the cover…


UPDATE: The $20 was found by Jason Boyer who drove down from Hudson Falls to get it…



This one was left around 11AM on Sunday morning, January 12th at the Mechanicville Price Chopper.

It was in that small notebook with the dog on the cover.

McVille PC

UPDATE:  We have a winner

Corina and her husband drove from Glens Falls to get it…



Today’s $20 is in Schenectady at Proctor’s. To the right of the box office is a collection of free magazines and newspapers.

You’ll find the twenty in the January edition of Capital Region Living magazine.

At this time it’s in the third issue back but by the time you get there it may be nearer to the front.

There are two stacks of this magazine…check the stack to the right.

Go get it… Be safe and keep it neat!


UPDATE: Katy found it a few hours later…


Amsterdam, NY…You’re Next!


This one is going to be an experiment in social connection.

Who do you know in Amsterdam, NY?

This $20 was left in the red notebook in the stationary/office supply section over near the garden center which is on the far left of the store as you walk in.

I don’t think we have any Amsterdam area fans yet so it will probably be awhile before it’s found.

Know anyone nearby?  Give them a call!


It took almost 24 hours but we have a winner…