And we have a winner!

Warren got the lead from his daughter!


Congratulations and thanks for playing!
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2 months ago

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Mary Margaret LangelierI wanna try2 months ago

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Good morning Saratoga County!

Today's $20 can be found in this library book!

This book is in only one Saratoga county library so it should be easy to figure out.

Good luck, be safe and send us a picture when you find it.

And of course, shhhhhh!
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2 months ago

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Amy Zurlo McGeadyAlready gone :(2 months ago

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Did you enter the NCAA Tournament Challenge?

We had a winner but it wasn't me.

There is no way for me to contact the winner inside the ESPN site so if it's you, send me a note and we'll get you your prizes.

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5 months ago

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Sean McLaughlinDo you have the winner's name?5 months ago

Lisa MilewskiI came in second :)5 months ago

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Holy cow! We have a winner.

Theresa was here within seconds!
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6 months ago

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Theresa DennisWay to go Theresa!! I was just sending Kevin over with Bobby! :)6 months ago

Dawn BentleyCongrats6 months ago

Paula MercierImpressive! Congrats!6 months ago

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OK Latham... Today's $20 can be found in a red themed office superstore.

Look in the card section and specifically in the woo hoo! cards.

Good luck, be safe and send us a picture when you find it.
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6 months ago

And we have a winner...

Congratulations to the Broncos and Valerie Dunn!
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7 months ago

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Mandi PennacchiaValerie Dunn! That's awesome.7 months ago

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Win $20!

Pick the winner of this year's Super Bowl. The Panthers or the Broncos.

To enter simply LIKE this post and put the name of the team you think will win in the comments.

The winner will be chosen at random by
at the conclusion of the game.

No entries allowed after kickoff.

One entry per person.

The winner gets the $20. Be sure to follow the directions.

*This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with, Facebook. Each entrant agrees to release Facebook from any liability.
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7 months ago

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Valerie DunnBroncos!!1   ·  7 months ago

Stephanie BretonI live with the worlds biggest Broncos fan. I'm sure our home will be filled with lots of yelling at the tv, anger towards refs and hatred for the panthers today! Fingers crossed Broncos win!7 months ago

Jarrod DeeringI think both teams are good, but I think the Panthers have a better defense, and with Cam Newton having a double attack(pass and run), it will keep the Broncos defense on their toes the entire game. Panthers over the Broncos, 29-247 months ago

Mary A. Charon-MosesNot a football person and have no clue about either team. So I'll just talk myself threw this and pick one. Hmmmm, I like panthers cuz a panther is a cat. I have cats and one in particular that thinks he's a panther. On the other hand, the word bronco reminds me of the very first vehicle I ever drove which was my dad's bronco. I loved hearing it start up cuz it sounded cool. I love my cat and I love my dad too. But my dad was into football, my cats just into licking his junk. That's gross so..... my final answer is broncos in memory of my dad and his truck.7 months ago

Kathy Rettie ThomasI am ready to see the Carolina Panthers take it home (but let's make it a competitive and interesting game)!7 months ago

Patricia Caputo BowersI'm a true Denver Broncos fan....7 months ago

Nancy ReynoldsI hope Panthers win!!!!7 months ago

Tracy Egan LasekPanthers? Had to look up who was playing. Thanks for running the contest!7 months ago

Jen HulettBroncos---I want to see Manning go out with a bang.7 months ago

Chelsea MeissnerBroncos for the win! :D1   ·  7 months ago

Amber LynnI'm thinking the Denver Broncos are gonna win.7 months ago

Larry WalleyBroncos over the Panthers by 107 months ago

Ann Capeless DiefenbachBroncos............hoping Peyton wants it really really badly! ;) ............then he can retire...........ha I sound like I know football?! Cuz I don't!!!!! tee hee hee!7 months ago

Sherry GallioneI'm going with the Panthers!1   ·  7 months ago

Lisa MarcyBroncos are gonna win7 months ago

Jodi PelasPanthers all the way!!!7 months ago

Megan Kelly TmmI think the Panthers are going to win it this year7 months ago

Lee MartinGo Panthers win this one for Sam!!!!!7 months ago

Kimberlee Dwyer PeabodyPanthers are going to take it.7 months ago

Debbie OatmanCarolina looks to good to bet against. I'll take them!7 months ago

Christopher BarclayCaroline Panthers, just think Cam is unstoppable this year7 months ago

Tammi HainesBroncos...GO PEYTON!!7 months ago

Smith DouglasDenver Broncos7 months ago

Carlaine RefslandPanthers! Not that I know football7 months ago

Joanne Foster FarleyDenver Broncos7 months ago

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7 months ago

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Adam JamesWoo!!!7 months ago

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Today’s $20 is hidden in a greeting card at a large local retailer.

Look in the Thanks and Congratulations section of cards.

See that bulldog?

When left, the $20 was in the second card back.


UPDATE! Ayesha found todays $20



Today’s $20 was left at Price Chopper in Troy, NY.

I found a notebook exactly like the one in the Mechanicville Price Chopper last Sunday.

It was in the one with the Dog on the cover…


UPDATE: The $20 was found by Jason Boyer who drove down from Hudson Falls to get it…



This one was left around 11AM on Sunday morning, January 12th at the Mechanicville Price Chopper.

It was in that small notebook with the dog on the cover.

McVille PC

UPDATE:  We have a winner

Corina and her husband drove from Glens Falls to get it…



Today’s $20 is in Schenectady at Proctor’s. To the right of the box office is a collection of free magazines and newspapers.

You’ll find the twenty in the January edition of Capital Region Living magazine.

At this time it’s in the third issue back but by the time you get there it may be nearer to the front.

There are two stacks of this magazine…check the stack to the right.

Go get it… Be safe and keep it neat!


UPDATE: Katy found it a few hours later…


Amsterdam, NY…You’re Next!


This one is going to be an experiment in social connection.

Who do you know in Amsterdam, NY?

This $20 was left in the red notebook in the stationary/office supply section over near the garden center which is on the far left of the store as you walk in.

I don’t think we have any Amsterdam area fans yet so it will probably be awhile before it’s found.

Know anyone nearby?  Give them a call!


It took almost 24 hours but we have a winner…