What’s the catch?


I don’t want you to join a religion, attend a seminar, sell <network marketing product here> or buy anything.

I want you to have fun and tell your friends.

No catches!.

How often will you hide money?

As often as I can with the ultimate goal of at least one $20 a day.

Is it your own money?

For now, yes.  Once we get rolling I expect some businesses may want to Sponsor A $20 and that would make it easier on my wallet.  Who doesn’t enjoy handing out other people’s money?

When do you announce the money has been hidden?

There is no set schedule…

Stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter for the announcements.

Really?  A free $20?


Of course, I hope you’ll spend it at a local business but you are free to use it for good or evil.

Also, I hope you’ll send me a picture of you and the bill or just the bill if you’re camera shy so we can prove to people that this is real by posting the picture on FB, Twitter and the website.

Send your pics to Leo@FindATwenty.com


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