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This site was inspired by Richard Cook and Steven Grant who started PlentyofTwenties.com over near Boston in 2011.  (Their site is no longer active…it seems they ran out of 20s)

Not one to let a good idea go to waste, I decided to start something similar in the Capital District of NY in January 2014.

I’m not a psychiatrist or attorney like they are (were?) but how many letters after your name do you need to hand out cash?

My goal for this project is two-fold:

1) To have fun.

What could be more fun than playing hide and go seek with cash?
It makes people happy too.

2) To support local businesses who, I hope, will benefit from the $20s being left around.

As a long time supporter of local businesses (518BirthdayClub.com) I think it’s important to keep the money local, when you can.

If you own a local business and want to sponsor a $20, click the link!

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